Ocean Liner Simulator

Simulation solutions from Electric Picture offer integrated visual displays and projection systems with amazingly lifelike projected imagery.

As “the next best thing to being there,” our simulation systems represent practical options for training pilots, air traffic controllers, naval captains, train engineers or construction equipment operators.  Real scenario training be cost-prohibitively or simply too dangerous. We design simulation applications that address a variety of needs and challenges for markets including:

  • 3D
  • Aerospace
  • Military & Defense
  • Education & Training
  • Government
  • Transportation

Factors such as eye-limiting resolution, geometry, image blending and warping, resolution, color and brightness uniformity, and latency are key criteria that we consider in developing a custom integrated solution.

Special Applications

Do you have an application requiring a completely unique use of display technology, configuration and interface? Electric Picture Display Systems can help. Because we are out-of-the-box engineers, designers and fabricators, we can formulate a solution that is only bound by your imagination.

Flight Simulator