One-of-a-kind display solutions from concept to completion.

Electric Picture Display Systems creates displays for a wide range of special applications. Our capabilities include designing, engineering, integrating, and supporting visual display systems. Applications include dramatically realistic simulation for military and commercial training; Life-like 3D/VR displays for Healthcare, Air Traffic Control and Game Development; Control Room/NOC displays operating 24/7 for Homeland Security and wide-scale monitoring; and vividly sharp projection and direct-view systems for Churches, Situation Rooms and Conference Centers.  We provide comprehensive services for:

  • Control room & network ops center displays
  • Aviation & maritime simulation
  • Virtual Reality/Immersive Systems
  • Military display systems
  • Commercial display applications

Our support and services are unparalleled in the industry. Put our experience and expertise to work for you. Electric Picture provides the best engineered display solution incorporating:

  • Design/Engineering
  • Integration
  • Long-Term Support
  • Multi-channel displays – making several look like one, big picture.
  • Requires knowing how to correct Geometry, and blend and warp the image.
  • It also requires color matching and luminance uniformity.
  • It also encompasses meeting the Specification for resolution (higher # pixels) to meet the ever-increasing demand for more definition in the visual experience.
NASA Display