Military & Maritime Simulation. Tailored for superior performance in simulation training.

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We design simulation applications that address a variety of needs and challenges for military and government applications. Factors such as eye-limiting resolution, geometry, image blending and warping, resolution, color and brightness uniformity, and latency are key criteria that we consider in developing a custom integrated solution.

Aviation & maritime simulation

Projection Systems are tailored for superior performance in military and civilian flight and maritime simulation.

  • Engineered for superior performance in military and civilian flight simulation and maritime simulation
  • Edge-blended and warped displays for domes and partial domes, for standard and night-vision visualization.
  • 3D/Immersive Displays for Virtual Environments
  • Spatial 3D Displays for Specialized Surgical Planning, the Fusion, Registration, and Visualization of CT, MRI, 3D Ultrasound, and PET Scans; Battle-space Visualization; Air Traffic Control; 3D Game Development; and Homeland Security Applications.
Control Room

Military Simulation Display – JTAC