Multi-projector displays to 360 degrees – blended, warped, color-matched
Multi-projector displays to 360 degrees
Credit: STAR Center
Commercial Simulation Displays
Superior Energy (KMS)
Credit: Kongsberg Maritime
Military Simulation Display
Credit: Air Force Research Lab
Planetarium/Dome Displays
Planetarium / Dome Displays
Credit: Spitz, Inc.
24/7 Control Rooms 

Augusta National Media Center
Credit: IDS, Inc

24/7 Control Rooms
Control Room – City of Lakeland Water
Credit: DCR
Scalable test pattern STAR

Creative Engineering to meet any requirement

Compound Curved Screen
Naval Aviation Museum (Before)

Simple Cylindrical Surface
Naval Aviation Museum (After)
Flat Panel/faceted-curved Display
Special Optics Military Training Navitar Lens
Specialized products-Application Specific:
Projectors, monitors all peripherals COTS and Custom Modified.